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Rico Sanchez


Just at the age of 4, all his neighbours and relatives knew what Rico will become one day. He would get a broom, pretending it to be a guitar, and go to every house in the neighbourhood to sing them a song. That made him the most popular child in the neighbourhood. He enjoyed the attention of adults very much, and that was the first sign of Rico’s musical career.

At the age of 10, he received his first ever guitar as a present from his parents. From that moment, Rico’s life completely changed and the guitar became his best friend. His older brother was already a known musician and every time his band would rehearse in the house, Rico was always watching the guitarist play and after he would ask him to show how he plays certain things. That is how Rico taught himself to play the guitar very quickly.
When he reached the age of 14, Rico became a guitarist of a famous folk ensemble KOCO RACIN where he was the youngest member in the orchestra. That led to many concerts in different kinds of festivals in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France and other countries. That was an unforgettable impression and experience for the young musician.

When he was 17, he formed his own band, TARTIF, where he was a singer and bass player. He also had the opportunity to write his first own songs, which led to his first studio sessions. At the same time, he played in lots of different clubs by himself to earn money for his studies in Geography. Because of lots of gigs, he did not manage to sit all of his university exams and had to leave for one year. That’s when Rico decided to visit his sister in Melbourne (Australia). Not long after moving to Australia, Rico played in well known clubs in Melbourne and Victoria.

After returning to university he finished his geography studies. By making his parents proud with the geography diploma, nothing stopped him from building a professional music career. In April 1987, in a Spanish pub in Dusseldorf (Germany), Rico first heard the music of Gypsy Kings, that played on the cassette player. He was so impressed with their music, that it could not leave his mind.

Short afterwards, Rico got asked to play in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, with the famous club band, FULL MOON. With that success, Rico started to play some songs from Gypsy Kings, which were very successful with the crowd. Not long after that, Rico decided to play only that type of music- Rumba-Gitana. Very quickly came lots successful concerts with his new band ‘Rico Sanchez & the Gypsies’. The band toured through all Europe with his exceptional voice and music. Fascinated by the sound of Rumba Catalan (made famous by the Gipsy Kings) he began to compose his songs in this unique style.

In 1995 he released his first solo album UN DESEO. The single DE QUIEN ERES was number one for eight weeks in the Macedonian charts. This success led to TV appearances, interviews and professionally organized tours. His second album FIESTA was released in 1999.
In 2005, Rico played at the famous Gipsy Festival in Ciechocienek (Poland). The concert was live broadcasted on Polish television and had over 10 million viewers. Afterwards Rico’s popularity in Poland grew, and followed over 300 concerts and many TV appearances to this day. ”Rico Sanchez & The Gypsies” played in many countries across the world, sharing the stage with very famous artists such as London Beat, Gazebo, Al Di Meola, Robin Gibb’, Ingrid, Jurgen Drews, DJ Otzi, Boney M and more.
In 2011, Rico released his ”The Best Of…” album and the single ”Fiesta” was performed at the Gipsy Festival in Glinojeck (Poland). The single is available to download on lots of internet portals.