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Are you a young, talented, up and coming fashion designer in need of an “outlet” to make your mark on the world or an established designer in need of a team to do the “legwork” in order to allow you to do the artistic work? Or perhaps you have an event which needs a “dash of spice” and a fashion moment is what you desire? Let Avision help you do just that! We will assist yo in setting up your show at the venue of your choice and coordinate the logistics to make the night happen! 

Full Moon Lounge with Pastor Ani fashion edition

WOMAN & THE FULL MOON - A taste of Anni Pastor's autumn- winter collection
A NŐ ÉS A TELIHOLD- Izelítő Pastor Anni őszi-téli kollekciójából
ÉKSZEREK/ JEWELRY: D-I-K-É Hollóházi Porcelán / Porcelain

Full Moon Lounge with the fantasy world of Michal Negrin

Special Chill Out Nights @ AQVA LOUNGE BAR

Scented Santa Party with Angels & Krampuses -2012

Köszönjük szépen a közös munkát Nektek: Andrea Bajor, Marriott Vocation Club, Ágnes Szépligeti & modellek, Pécsi Kesztyű / Szom-Hor Kft., Crislu, Furever & Kis Réka, Zsolt Zólyomi Zólyomi! A kellemes zenét: S'Iza Zsófia & Felho Gyuri Gyuri-nak. A fotókat: Ádám Gotthard & FeCsa

Scanted Santa Party with Angels and Krampuses - 2011

Special thanks to:
Zsolt Zólyomi for the latest luxury perfumes of the niche fragrance world and the fun Sniffing Perfume Quiz:
Furever for the beautiful fur coats and accessories http://www.furever.hu/
János Papp for the amazing corsets
Iza Széles, Greg Note, Dj Doma 4 the great music

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