AVISION Entertainment


Every establishment needs to open it's doors with a big event and our job at Avision to make that event a success. Our job is to coordinate the guest list, create the “atmosphere and attitude” by selecting the music, the ambience, the décor, and coordinating the menu for the night. The grand opening or premiere of any restaurant, bar, club or venue is the first statement of “things to come” so let us be the ones who set you firmly on the road to future.

Marriott Terrace opening

Special thanks to our partners, sponsores and artists to make this opening special. Köszönöm szépen a közös munkát a partnereknek szponzoroknak, nektek: Marriott, Zolyomi Zsolt QATAR Airways, Lounge radio, Aperol, G2foto, r2Hair FellépÅ‘knek: Chill Out Fusion : Széles Iza és Greg Note. Gájer Bálint és Mihályi Réka és a Bossa Nova Lounge-nak